Welcome to the EMIS Toolbox

The EMIS Toolbox is a programme for education planners in government. It helps them to track the performance of the education sector, to decide how to allocate resources, and to share this information with other stakeholders (such as parents, schools or those in government).

The EMIS Toolbox works by giving those working in the education sector the tools to show and analyse their data in different ways, e.g. as charts, in maps or sorted as lists.

In this way, they can see patterns, e.g. regions that have poor pupil enrolment rates or individual schools that have high teacher absent rates. In this way, they can inform policy-making, and resource allocation. This helps the education sector become more efficient, e.g. as officials can spend money on the poorest schools, or send inspection teams to schools which are performing badly.

The EMIS Toolbox also allows its user to easily create report cards with charts and maps about a school or a LGA. This helps government to be more transparent, because they can easily share information about schools with communities or other government agencies.

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